Myth - Vaping products aren’t effective for quiting smoking

Posted by Philip Keegan on

Vaping products aren’t effective for smoking cessation. Vaping products can play an important role in achieving the Government’s objective of a Tobacco Free Ireland by 2025.

In February 2019, the National Institute for Health Research and Cancer Research UK stated that ‘in Local Stop Smoking Services, a standard e-cigarette was twice as effective at helping smokers to quit compared with the quitters’ choice of combination nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).’

One Poll research conducted in the UK in March 2019 found that ‘nearly two thirds of vapers (68%) said they never thought they would quit smoking until vaping came along.’
Healthy Ireland Survey 2019Percentage of those who made an attempt to quit smoking used e-cigarettes during this attempt38%Percentage of Irish vapers who are smokers or ex-smokers99%

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